Tips to Earn More Revenues with Your Video Shoots

Are you having a hard time bringing in more new clients? Are you baffled how your competition brings in a constant flow of clients and customers while you are left behind? Well, there is a high chance that they know the secrets for video shoots that you don’t know in the first place.

Videos can either make or break the image of your company. They are the ones that make you stand out from the crowd. Videos make you sound authoritative, professional, and most importantly, a true expert in your niche or field.

Even though a lot of companies may use videos on their sites, many of them don’t really understand the difference between amateur videos and high-quality videos. The content of your video is a decision you have to make. But, the use of a sure-fire setup and solid equipment can make a big difference not just in your reputation but also the confidence of your clientele in you. This will then decide your revenue.

Below are a few useful tips you can use for your video shoots to keep the confidence of your clients and your company sales where they should really be.

Buy a Good Tripod Stand for Your Phone or Camera

There are thousands of people who search for tips for video shoots trying to understand code that sound foreign to them. However, the truth is that investing in a good tripod can provide you a steady and sturdy shot throughout the process.

Many tripods today come in affordable prices, most of which have the ability to attach a GLIF. A GLIF is an attachment that lets you insert your camera or phone without blocking its back end so that it will remain steady during the video shoots. When you keep your camera steady, it can prevent the shaky hands even when you think you are not moving at all. These shaky hands can easily make your videos look unprofessional so avoiding them is a must.

Look for Your Best Light – Eliminate Shadows in Your Video Shoots

Despite all those professionals giving you tips to buy tons of special equipment, the truth is that you don’t need a lot of pieces to have great video shoots. Investing in a good quality source of light can keep your video focused and bright. Most amateurs will just use the existing light in their home as the light source when the truth is that the light should come a bit further from the back of the filming camera. A light diffuser can be used for dimming the light that comes in that looks similar to a white sheet. The diffuser will block out some brightness to prevent people from squinting when putting under direct light.

Video Shoots Need High-Quality Microphone

There are a lot of phones and cameras in the market right now with a tiny microphone built into the device. The main issue with this microphone is the inability of capturing sounds clearly from several distances away. It means that even if you are just sitting 6 feet away from the camera, you might sound muffled, quiet, or with an echo. The use of an additional microphone is among the most important tips for better video shoots. Just plug in your supplementary microphone to the mic to have clearer audio without sacrificing your distance from the camera.

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